The following Syllabus template can be used to help meet a variety of Quality Course Standards which are indicated in the Online Course Development Checklist. Make sure to replace example text with your information where applicable and DELETE read directional text as well as the words “Example”. Delete this top highlighted explanation section too.


Please be sure to read all pages of the syllabus. One of your first week assignments will be submitting a short quiz based on syllabus content.

Contact & Course Information

Place course and contact information here, use example and replace with your own info. 


XXXX is designed to develop oral and written skills beyond the elementary level and to expand vocabulary and grammatical towards a more sophisticated level of communication. Students will read, analyze and discuss simple literary prose as well as cultural topics.

Meet the Instructor

Example: I am a native speaker of Spanish, born and raised in Colombia, South America and have lived for 31 years in the United States. For the last 10 years, I have been an adjunct Spanish instructor at Brazosport College. I have earned a BS in Bilingual Education and an MS in Multicultural Studies in Education

Course Materials

Place course material information here, use example and replace with your own info.


Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

In this section provide a bulleted list of course objectives (describes what will be covered in the course) and student outcomes (a detailed description of what a student must be able to do at the conclusion of the course). Module objectives can be placed in the “Description” area in the Content area of the course.

Use example and replace with your own info.


You will be able to:

Student Expectations

This area should contain a bulleted list of general and course specific expectations for your students. Use example information and replace with your own info.


You will or need to:

Course Overview & Structure

Provide a detailed overview of the course, including what is to be found where within the course. Make sure to include also include the following:

Use all example information and replace text with your own info. 


This is a web-based course delivered through the Virtual Campus portal at Brazosport College. This class runs on a 24/7 weekly schedule. This means that within any given week you are free to choose your own times to learn and participate. Discussions and submission of assignments are open each weekend, and conclude on the following Sunday. Because you are not on a fixed schedule it is up to you to develop the discipline and schedule the time to be an active learner in this environment.

ALL materials (course and reference), communication and testing tools will be available online. You are REQUIRED to access the course at LEAST once a day to check for any course updates.

There are several weeks in the semester, each are broken into various modules. Each module contains an overview/objectives, presentation, readings, activities, and a test (if applicable).

Course Materials

Course materials (syllabus, required readings, lectures and resources) will be available in the Content area.


Communication will take place using various interactive tools (Discussions, Email, Dropbox) and may include both real and virtual time (Virtual Class Rooms are real time and may be used for online Office Hours).

Instructor Response Times

I will respond to critical questions within 24 hours.  I will be responding to regular discussion posts and email messages Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am -9:30am and 7pm-8:30pm. 

Note: quizzes are auto graded upon submission and assignments using dropbox or discussions will be graded approximately 2 days after due date.


Assignment submissions

Submit assignments via the Dropbox. In some cases Discussions or even a quiz will be used..

Course Schedule

Provide a detailed schedule for readings, discussion posts, dropbox and exam submissions. Use a consistent due date for all activities so students become accustom to turning in specific types of assignments on the same day and time.

Use example information and replace text with your own info. You may need to add or decrease number of rows based on semester length.


This schedule is tentative and might change during the semester according to how the course evolves. The content is subject to change as well, depending on students' interests and progress.

All assignments are due Monday before our on-campus meeting on Tuesday unless otherwise noted in the “Online” column. Dates are tentative and subject to change. Date changes will be noted in the News area of the course.

Activities listed in the On-Campus column will take place in class every Tuesday at the Brazosport College campus. Activities and assignments listed in the Online column are viewed and completed in the online course.

All videos, resources, activities, presentations, both on-campus and online are subject for questions on quizzes, midterm, and final.


On-Campus (Tuesday)

Online (24/7)


Module & Topic

Activities & Assignments

All activities are due the following Monday, unless indicated by specific dates below.

June 5

Start Here: Introductions


On-Campus Tour

Syllabus & Subject Preview

Activity 1:Orientation to Online Course Tools [DUE:6/18]

Activity 2:Profile & Forwarding

Activity 3:Scavenger Hunt

Activity 4: Will+Skill Presentation

Activity 5: Check for Understanding Syllabus

June 12

Module 1: Successful Students

Purchased Paper

Successful Students

Goals & Motivation

Activity 1:Outliers Introduction

Activity 2:Outliers Videos

Activity 3:Personal Goals

Activity 4:Preparing for a Proctored Exam

June 19

Module 2: Note Taking & Technology

Note Taking

Outliers Debrief

Activity 1: Technology Presentation

Activity 2:NoteTaking 5 & Apply

Activity 3: Technology & MLA Quiz

June 26 & July 3

Module 3: Library Science

Library Presentation

Activity 1: Introduction to Research Part 1 [DUE 7/12:Topic & Articles]

Activity 2:Outliers Reflection Paper 1 [DUE:7/9]

July 10

Module 4: Time Management/Memory & MIDTERM


Activity 1: Time Management Presentation

Activity 2: Weekly Calendar [DUE:7/16]

Activity 3:Time Management 5 & Apply [DUE:7/16]

Activity 4: Memory Quiz

Activity 5:MIDTERM opens 7/10 [DUE 7/17]

July 17

Module 5:Brain Plasticity & Metacognition

Brain Plasticity Presentation & Activities




Activity 1: Metacognition 5 & apply

Activity 2: Introduction to Research Part 2

July 24

Module 6: SQ4R, Reading, Health & Stress

Reading/SQ4R Presentation & Activities

Career Projects

Activity 1:Stress Presentation

Activity 2:Stress Videos

Activity 3:Career Project Intro

Activity 4: Career Project Part 1

July 31

Module 7: Bloom’s, Group Wrk, & Communication

Bloom’s Taxonomy Presentation

Group Activity


Activity 1: Testing Presentation

Activity 2: Testing Videos

Activity 3: How to Present

Activity 4:Introduction to Research Part 3

Activity 5: Outliers Reflection Paper 2  

Activity 6: Career Project Part 2


August 7

Module 8: Careers/VARK/FINAL

Career Presentations

*Students present today (presentations are mandatory and part of the Career Project grade)

[ALL DUE:8/13]

Activity 1: VARK Presentation

Activity 2: VARK Discussion

Activity 3: FINAL opens 8/8

Grading Criteria

Place your grading criteria information here, use example information and replace text with your own info. If using Rubrics include these here as well.

Each student’s participation and performance in class will be evaluated according to their performance in the course activities described below. Students are required to complete all Activities (assignments), participate in discussions and submit all written work according to the stated deadline. Attendance and participation is crucial for success in this course. College instructors expect students to spend time outside of “class” as well, through reading, writing, and studying course material.
Specifically, for every hour you are in “class” you need to study for two-to-three hours. This means working on this class material for approximately one hundred hours outside of “class”.

Written Assignments


Discussion Postings (postings and Participation on discussion board)


Main Coure Project


Chapter exams/Midterm/Final


A- 90-100 points
B- 80-89 points
C- 70-79 points
D- 60-69 points
F- 59 points or less

Course Activities

Place your specific information about the types of activies to be graded and how they relate to the overall grading scheme of the coruse here.

NOTE: if proctoring exams either using Learning Services or LockDown Browser and Monitor online include a section about the proctoring process as well.


The course requires the submission of 5 written assignments, these are designed to help you reflect on the course material and your experiences in and outside of class. You will be using the Dropbox tool to submet your assignment. Grading rubric and directional information is presented in the Content section of the course for these activities.

You will participate in several discussion activities and interacting with your peers. Responding to peers posts is a part of your overall “Participation” grade. Detailed information on proper posting requirements and what I am looking for in a quality response is described in the Content section of the course for these activities.

There is one main project which is to be submitted at the end of the semester. The project is broken into 4 parts, with each part due on a specific date. You will utilize feedback on each of these parts to submit the final project. Project grading criteria and detailed directions are provided in the Content section of the course under the Main Project description.

Chapter Exams, midterm, and final constitutes the largest portion of your course grade. Chapter exams can be taken up to 3 times, with the highest score being the final grade. Each exam covers information presented in chapter readings as well as module materials. The Midterm and Final are taken only once.

The Midterm and Final must be proctored either in Learning Services or online using a web cam. Specific information on proctoring and schedulaing a time with Learning Services is detailed in the Content area of the course.

Student Support

If you need assistance we offer a variety of virtual support services:
Help Desk

Online Tutors

Online Academic Advisor

Learning Services


Campus Bookstore

Distance Learning

Additional support service information, including Virtual Campus Accessibility information is detailed on the Distance Learning website.

When Taking an Online Course

Leave this section as is, but delete this red text.

You are currently enrolled in an online college course and will be asked to show a professional and mature attitude through the semester. The following shows what it takes to be successful in learning while taking a course that has little if no face-to-face contact with either your instructor or fellow students:

Course Policies

Leave all policy information as is, but delete this red text.


As per college policy, you are expected to attend classes regularly, whether they are face-to-face or online.


If the late submission has been requested and approved in advance of the due date, there will be no deduction of points from the grade. An email to the instructor requesting an extension of the due date should be sufficient. All assignments must be completed to pass the course.

Late Policy

Prompt submission of assignments and timely feedback to classmates via the Discussion area is vital to this class. Early submission allows the instructor to give you the guidance and grades you deserve. Due dates for each week are published on the course calendar at the start of the class. Work turned in by midnight on the due date will be considered on time and will received full credit. Work that has not been submitted by midnight on the due date will receive a zero.

Course Disclaimer

Every attempt is made to provide a complete syllabus that provides an accurate overview of the courses. However, circumstances and events may make it necessary for the instructor to modify the syllabus during the semester. This may depend, in part, on the progress, needs and experiences of the students.

College Policies

View current Student Guide & Calendar (includes Student Conduct, Honor Codes, and Academic Honesty) for detailed College Policy information.

Online Student Conduct

Please refer to the Brazosport College Student Guide for more information. This is available online at

Responses to Academic Dishonesty, Plagiarism, or Cheating

Plagiarism or any form of cheating involves a breach of student-teacher trust. This means that any work submitted under your name is expected to be your own, neither composed by anyone else as a whole or in part, nor handed over to another for complete or partial revision.
Not understanding plagiarism is not an excuse.
Academic dishonesty violates both the policies of this course and the Student Code of Conduct. In this class, any occurrence of academic dishonesty will be referred to the Dean of Student Services for prompt adjudication. Sanctions may be imposed beyond your grade in this course by the Dean of Student Services.

If dishonesty, plagiarism, or cheating is confirmed the instructor may determine what consequential action is appropriate which may include:

Title IX Statement

Brazosport College faculty and staff are committed to supporting students and upholding the College District’s non-discrimination policy.   Under Title IX and Brazosport College’s policy FFDA (Local), discrimination based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression is prohibited.  If you experience an incident of discrimination, we encourage you to report it.  While you may talk to a faculty or staff member at BC, please understand that they are “Responsible Employees” and must report what you tell them to college officials.  You can also contact the Title IX Coordinator directly by using the contact information below.  Additional information is found on the Sexual Misconduct webpage at

Mareille Rolon Coviello, Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator
Office C-114; 979-230-3303;

Special Needs & Accessibility

BC is committed to quality education and to providing equal educational opportunities to every student. BC offers services for individuals with special needs and capabilities. Contact Phil Robertson, ADA Coordinator (Email: | Call: 979-230-3236) for additional information.

Student Privacy

Brazosport College is committed to providing services and support to meet your needs and achieve your educational goals. We are equally committed to protecting your privacy.
For information regarding the confidentiality of student records please view the Brazosport College Distant Learning Student Privacy Statement. For additional information related to Student Privacy contact the Registrar (979-230-3010).


Withdrawal from a course is, first and foremost, the student's responsibility. An instructor may process an "administrative withdrawal" on a student for excessive absences.
However, it is the student's responsibility to ensure, prior to the deadline for withdrawal, that he/she has been officially withdrawn. Because you stop attending a class, does not mean that you have officially withdrawn from the class.

Copyright Policy

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) updates copyright law for the online (digital) environment. All information posted within the Virtual Campus is copyrighted under this and previous copyright law. No material can be used or redistributed without permission from Brazosport College.
Alternative legal sources are available for use by faculty and students including books, music, and movies. There is also our campus library which has a variety of existing licensed and subscription based materials for use. Go to CopyRight@BC for additional information and resources dealing with copyright, practices, and procedures.